Each Jumping Jelly Beans class has been expertly crafted by specialists in the field of child development, child psychology, dance and music.  Your little one will be guided through a magical journey of sights, sounds and movement.  Each activity is designed to stimulate healthy development, curiosity, self expression and joy so you know that every moment you spend with us will be setting your little one up for a bright and active future. 


Children begin their journey with us when they begin crawling and move through four levels of class as they grow.  When our Jumping Jelly Beans graduate just before their 6th birthday they will have been given the perfect foundation to confidently and safely learn any genre of dance or sport and we will guide your transition into the activities of your choice.


It may be a cliche but it really does seem like yesterday that you were holding your tiny new born in your arms, now they're bum shuffling, crawling, cruising and even walking around and you can't take your eye off them for a second!  It's so important for little ones of this age to have a safe space to explore their physicality.  In their Jumping Jelly Beans class they will build strength, balance, confidence and a love for being active. Mums, dads, family and friends are welcomed to join in (max of 2 adults per child).  You will come to treasure those special moments bonding with your baby, exploring our magical stories, enchanting music and exciting games.  Every three weeks you will be given an activity pack so you can take a little piece of the magic and fun home with you.  Book Now


Your little cherub is walking, jumping, hopping, throwing and twirling around and loving every moment of it.  In our Wobblers class we encourage them to master new skills equally on both sides of the body with positivity and praise.  There is no competition or expectations, every child learns and explores at their own pace with the help of mum or dad by their side.  As they start to become expert communicators we help them to find their voice and the confidence to fully embody self expression.  Our wobblers activity packs are full of physical challenges that you can both have fun trying together at home.  Book Now


This is a crucial time for little ones to develop independence and social skills.  Mums and dads are always welcome, however now is a great time to take a step away and let your little explorer find their own way in class.  All our age groups have a family activity at the beginning or end of class, so you will always be involved in your child's lessons.  Our Striders just love making new friends and trying new skills together.  As they refine their motor skills they are able to learn to move with more delicacy and accuracy and use the music to inspire different qualities of movement, smooth, sharp, bouncy and heavy.  At home you can forget the TV, your Jumping Jelly Bean will be too busy practicing the challenging and energetic games from their home activity pack.  Book Now


Now your child is an expert Jumping Jelly Bean there's no stopping them.  They start to show off advanced skills like skipping and galloping, remembering and repeating complicated sequences, moving seamlessly from floor to standing, all with confidence and poise.  The gallopers class is a frenzy of activity filled with laughter and joy.  The children are prompted to continue to discover their own ways of moving, constantly guided by their teachers to develop safe and healthy movement habits.  They are encouraged to appreciate and respond to musical phrases and rhythms and create their own music master pieces.  Creativity is key to our Gallopers activity packs encouraging your child to find new ways to use their bodies to have fun.  Book Now